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MAYON CONSOLIDATED, INC. was established in 1957. In the course of the years it has gone through several stages of development. It was in 1976 that the company found its true calling, that of being an import-distribution company.

In 1976, the company started the import business with 10 units of power tillers, 90 units of assorted water pumps and 500 pieces of knapsack sprayers; all from the People's Republic of China. Through the years, more and more products were added, with special emphasis placed on quality. The company philosophy is to provide only the best quality, the best service, and the best price to its customers.

From its humble beginnings in 1976, the company now has grown into a multi-product company with three sales divisions namely, an agricultural machinery division, a commercial and industrial division, and a consumer product division.

In 1984, the stockholders of Mayon bought into Malabon Candy Company and thus procured a network of supermarket outlets all over the Philippines. Since then Malabon Candy has established two more factories, one making bubble gum and the other lollipops.

In 1994 the government liberalized the importation of frozen beef. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Mayon quickly began its own importation-distribution of frozen beef. Among the various clients it serves are hamburger chains, caterers, restaurants and other meat processors. Possibilities are also being looked into with regard to canned meat, which can be distributed through the existing supermarket outlets of Malabon.

In 1997, a new company, SUB-O FOODS CORPORATION was established to deal on tax-exempt agricultural products. Since then, Sub-O Foods Corporation has been importing chicken, pork, beef products and recently the company ventured into fish products. The company serves various clients like supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, caterers and food processors.

In 1998, another company was formed, MAYDEN CLEANING SOLUTIONS, INC., to handle the distribution of industrial and commercial cleaning equipments such as floor polishers, scrubbers, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners. The list of clienteles includes such names as Procter & Gamble Philippines, Corp., Hitachi Global Storage, Central Azucarera Don Pedro, Edsa Shangri-La Hotel, Finlandia Suites, Hotel Intercontinental, Intel, etc.

Also in 1998, KWT PHILIPPINES, INC. was acquired by the shareholders of Mayon.

In 2005, MYOWN MEAT SHOP opens, offering various quality meat at affordable prices.  This was the time all the corporations were consolidated under MYOWN GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Due to strong emphasis on quality and the high standards that the company requires of it and its staff, MyOwn Group of Companies is well respected in the various industries and also enjoys a good reputation in other countries as well.

Being a young and dynamic company, as far as the age of its owners and staff are concerned MyOwn Group of Companies looks forward to greater achievement in the coming years and to contributing more to the Philippine economy.

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